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Jail Break Slot


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  • £100
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Jailbreak review

The £100 jackpot Jail Break fruit machine from QPS originally started life as a £70 jackpot machine, but its popularity has kept it going strong, with many pubs and arcades still hosting this popular fruit machine on a £100 jackpot. You can play the Jail Break fruit machine for 25p, 50p or £1 per spin, with each stake awarding the same jackpot value, however the £1 per spin plays the board every go. Jail Break is very similar to the Happy Hour fruit machine, with the same progressive streaks and similar main super feature. The feature entry however is unique, with dice symbols instead of regular fruit machine reel symbols. These dice progress you along a Snakes and Ladders style board that offers greater feature potential the higher up you climb, however you can fall down a rope to a lower position.


Jail Break is progressive, which means you can force it for the jackpot without too much risk, however forcing any machine for a jackpot or mega streak always carries some risk, so use the forcing methods with caution. When they were on £70 jackpot, they would often cost between £50 and £100 for the top Jail Break feature, which the majority of the time repeated to £140. As they have been upped to £100 jackpot, the cost of hitting the jackpot has also increased and you will often find that it costs between £90 and £130 for a Jail Break feature.

The problem is now that the repeat is for £200, and as such rarely awards such a large amount of money, so you are often better off semi-forcing the game at a far lower cost. When you open the four keys, the Deal or No Deal type feature is awarded, however this is not random. You can however eliminate the lower levels by gaining more keys. Each new red key will eliminate the lowest level, so having three red keys will leave only the top level open. If it pays a small amount here, you will find that the next features will again award two or three red keys for you to try again. Four red keys is invincible, so just go for red Jail Break.

Red repeaters will always offer at least one repeat. The more dogs you light up, the higher the streak value. 50p stake is probably the best one.


As fruit machines go, this one isn’t too bad, and it’s nice to see a game in a pub that isn’t some derivative of Deal or No Deal.

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