Guide to Keno Games Online

Keno is a fun online casino game that is simple and quick to play. If you play the National Lottery, or bet on worldwide lottos via gaming sites, you’ll get the drill. And when you gamble on Keno, you can work off a welcome bonus in no time.

Playing Keno is easy: just pick numbers from the 80 available and watch as balls get drawn at random. Match the winning numbers and you’ll win a big prize.

Getting Started: Picking A Good Casino

Keno is a frantic game that can be played via download or instant-play casinos. It’s a little like Lotto in that there is nothing much to do other than pick numbers and set your stakes.

Most casinos have at least one Keno variant (you’ll find it with the scratchcards or ‘Other Games’) for real money. Make sure the stakes match your bankroll, as games can usually be played from as little as 10p or as much as £10.

How To Play Casino Keno Online

When you load up a game of Keno, you’ll see a grid numbered 1-80. Select your stake (usually 10p to £5 per game) and whether you want to bet one card or five.

Now select your numbers. You can pick from two numbers up to a maximum of 10. Hit the Play button and 20 numbers will be drawn at random. You will be paid out if you match the numbers drawn.

After a game, you can rebet your numbers, or hit ‘Clear’ and start over again with new numbers and new stakes.

Typical Payouts Of Keno

If you pick just two numbers, you’ll earn a payout of 1/1 for hitting one correct number. Two correct numbers will pay 9 coins. As you select more numbers, you will need to hit more in order to win any sort of cash prize.

Here’s an example of Keno prizes when a player picks 10 numbers:

10 – 10000 coins
9 – 4500 coins
8 – 1000 coins
7 – 142 coins
6 – 24 coins
5 – 5 coins

Popular Keno Variants Online

The ‘pick 10’ variant of Keno is popular, but you can also find different versions of the game online. Monkey Keno lets you pick 15 numbers, with a 10,000-coin payout dished out if you hit all 15 numbers.

You can also hit a ‘Quick Pick’ button which picks 15 numbers automatically for you, and program the game to play up to 100 games in a row. You can even see the ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ numbers that have come up recently.

Progressive Keno has, like progressive slots, a pooled jackpot made up of small portions of game bets. The big jackpot is scooped if you hit all 10 of your numbers in a game. Even hitting nine numbers can result in a reward worth around 25% of the prizepool.

Finally, Power Keno – while not available at all online casinos – pays out a special 4x prize if you match the first number drawn.

Basic Casino Keno Strategy

Like any lotto-style games, your chances of winning in Keno are based on how many numbers you select. Of course, the minimum payouts decrease the more numbers you pick but by picking 10 numbers from 80 possible you have a better chance of hitting.

What if you go somewhere in the middle? Let’s say you pick 6 numbers at £1 a game. For three correct numbers you win £3 and £4 for four correct. Hit all six numbers correctly and you’re staring at a payout of £1,600. But add one number to your card, for a total of 7, and the payout for six numbers is “just” £400. Seven correct, however, will earn you £7,000.

Judging the payouts is about personal judgment and your bankroll. The more numbers you pick, the bigger the outlay. But get the right balance (say, picking eight or nine numbers and cutting your stake to £1-2 per card) and you could earn more regular profits.

Of course, Keno is a game of total chance – the key is to make the house edge work in your favour.  Because of the large odds of hitting winners, the house edge can be as high as 9% in Keno. Games that move fast can be better for your overall profits but manage your bankroll.

Earn 100% Towards A Welcome Bonus

Keno is a fast and simple casino game which can be found at many online sites. While the odds aren’t always in the player’s favour, Keno can be used to play through a casino bonus.

Just sign up for a welcome bonus and start playing Keno at the maximum stakes. 100% of your play usually contributes towards a deposit bonus, so it can be a good option for lovers of free cash.

Online Keno FAQs

How Do You Play Online Keno?

Keno is a lotto-style game that features a grid numbered 1-80. Players select 2-10 numbers, place a stake, and watch as 20 numbers are drawn at random. The more numbers you match, the more you win.

Is Keno Widely Available At Online Casinos?

Yes. You’ll find Keno in the ‘Instant Win’ or ‘Other Games’ tab in the casino lobby.

Can I Play For Free?

Sometimes. Look for the ‘Play Money’ option in the game lobby. You’ll be able to play for credits but not win any actual cash. It’s a good way of working out what the optimum number of balls to bet on is.

What Are The Payouts Like?

If you pick the maximum 10 numbers and hit five, you’ll win 5 coins. However, hit all ten correctly and you’re looking at a 10,000-coin jackpot.

Am I Restricted To Just One Variant?

Keno doesn’t vary that much and you’re generally restricted to 80 numbers to pick from. Some variants feature added features like Autoplay or a progressive jackpot.

Can I Trust The Software?

Yes. Balls are drawn at random, and the RNGs (Random Number Generators) governing the game are tested for fairness.

Can Keno Online Games Contribute To A Welcome Bonus?

Yes. Bingo-style games like Keno usually contribute 100% towards a casino deposit bonus.