Other Games

All online casino players know how to find the best roulette, blackjack and slots games. But delve a little deeper and you’ll discover fun and fast instant-win games for real cash.

Games like Keno, bingo and Heads or Tails can be played for play-money or low stakes, and provide a quick thrill while you’re waiting for that slots tournament to start.

Even better, some scratchcards and instant-win casino games will contribute towards a welcome bonus. Why settle for the same old video slots when you can play 50/50 games for a few bucks?

Getting Started: Finding Instant-Win Games

All great casinos online feature packed lobbies with slots and table games available. But a well-stocked instant-win lobby is great for a quick gamble. The tab might be labelled differently, so have a hunt around. It might be under ‘Other Games’, ‘Games and Keno’, or even tacked onto the bottom of a table game lobby.

Games can last seconds, and you can switch easily between titles. You won’t even have to download software if you find the best instant-play sites on the net.

Video games and ‘e-sports’ are becoming more popular for gamblers online, so join the crowd today and take a shot at some fun alternatives.

Popular Instant Win Casino Games In 2017

Every developer has its own instant games available at casinos online. Because many games are programmed in Flash or HTML5 they are great to enjoy on mobile phones, tablets, or a desktop PC.

Remember, not every casino online will have these kinds of games, so it might mean some trawling. Try our list of great casino reviews to get to the action fast.


A popular game in Las Vegas casinos, Keno is a cross between lotto and bingo. Players select numbers from a grid numbered 1-80. The more numbers you select, the higher your stake. 20 numbers are then drawn at random – if your numbers match you win a cash prize. Keno tickets can be bought in bulk and draws sometimes made at high speed for an added gambling thrill.


Casinos often offer simplified versions of bingo that you might not get on a dedicated bingo site. Choose your bet, buy a bingo card, and watch as balls are drawn at random. Fill your card, or a selected line, and win the prize.


A virtual form of the popular newsagent game, these casino scratchcards get players to select hidden icons from a 3×3 or 4×4 grid. Select your stake and start ‘scratching’ off a few of the hidden symbols. If you match three special symbols you win a prize. Normally, symbols must be matched in a row, column or diagonal. Scratchcards are often branded, depending on the developer that’s tied to the casino.

Sports / Retro Arcade

Arcade games and casino gambling are becoming more and more closely aligned. You can choose from retro puzzle games like ‘Cash Blox’ (a form of Tetris for money) or soccer shootout games where you have to take penalties against a virtual goalkeeper.

Virtual Horse Racing

A popular game at many Playtech-powered casinos, Horse Racing is a virtual arcade that lets you bet on ‘virtual’ horses. Players can compare horses (‘form’, ‘past wins’, ‘jockey’s record’ etc) prior to a race. Once you’ve picked your horse or horses, select your bet amount and whether you are backing it to win or show.

'Soft Slots'

Soft slots are like basic slot machines that move a lot faster than regular games. Instead of symbols, you simply spin ‘reels’ of tiles made up of colours – match the coloured tiles and win a prize. These soft slots won’t come with bonus rounds.

Heads Or Tails / 50-50 Games

Even-chance games like Heads or Tails or Hi-Lo let players guess the outcome of the flip of a coin or value of the next card or number drawn. You might even find progressive jackpot versions with prizepools for making consecutive correct guesses. Simply select the bet amount via the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons and hit ‘Flip’ or ‘Deal’.

Pick 'Em Games

Similar to the ‘Pick ’em’ feature in many bonus slots, these instant games usually carry bets up to £/$20 and require players to choose from three or four hidden objects. You might select from boxes that contain hidden objects – pick the box that contains the most valuable objects and you’ll win a cash prize.

Dice Games

A ‘lite’ version of table games like Sic Bo, dice instant-win games simply award prizes based on the outcome of three dice. Place bets on the total or value of the three dice rolled and win a cash prize.

You can sometimes find poker dice games where the object is to make ‘poker hands’ by rolling five dice containing spades, diamonds, etc. Make the best straights and flushes to win cash prizes.

Discover The Best Instant Games In 2017

Whether you’re into soft slots, instant cash games, or poker dice, you’ll find great varieties online. You don’t need to join a bingo site to enjoy these ‘side games’ and many online and mobile casinos offer scratchcards as standard. Better still, games like scratchcards often contribute 100% of their play towards a welcome or deposit bonus.