Jackpot Slots

Playing a slot machine is really entertaining but at the end of the day we want to win big cash prizes, don’t we?  We dream of seeing the required symbols or whatever method is required to fall into place to win us the massive jackpot.

All games will have a jackpot, the top prize in the game. It’s usually just one symbol that requires to come along in a certain number on an activated pay-line to win you the top prize. In other games though it’s more complicated than that.

Then there are the games that have progressive jackpots, which If you are lucky enough to land can, thanks to one spin of the reels, simply change your life forever. Not just a win of a few thousand pounds that might pay for a decent holiday but one that could make you an instant millionaire.

Those progressive jackpot slot games that really get players hearts beating faster and faster as the top prize gets closer and closer. That’s why what are often called High Payout slot machines are so popular.

Other slot games with considerably lower jackpots can be played for fun and hopefully a bit of profit will come your way. With the high paying machines, it’s a totally different ball game. Serious face on and hope for the best.

Las Vegas Jackpots

You often see the images of row after row of players putting coin after coin into jackpot slot machines in Las Vegas casinos. That’s where the dreams are really in with a chance of coming true.  Some players really do spend all day on those games and hoping that the next spin will be the one that makes their dreams come true.

One famous such game was ‘The Lion’s Share’ slot game in the MGM Casino in Las Vegas went twenty years without its jackpot being won. When it was finally won, a couple from New Hampshire won $2.4m. The machine was then retired and the winning couple became its new owners.

Progressive Jackpots

It’s the progressive jackpots that can really change your life. In a game, such as ‘Mega Moolah’ the top prize can go comfortably into six figures. These are slot games where the more people play it, the higher the jackpot will climb until that lucky player comes along. A small percentage of each bet made will take the progressive jackpot that little bit higher. It can get your heart pumping when glancing at the box that shows the latest size of the progressive jackpot. But how do you win it?

Check out the Paytable

When you play any slot game, accessing the paytable is really important. It helps you understand the rules of the game and how much each winning combination is worth. When it comes to a game that contains a progressive jackpot, going through the paytable is even more important.

That’s because it’s not always a case of the progressive jackpot being won for three certain symbols coming up on any activated pay-line. Sometimes it’s a lot more complicated than that, so make sure you fully know the rules of the game.

For example, in ‘Mega Moolah’ it’s a wheel that determines whether you win the progressive jackpot or not. It has four different coloured sectors relating to the jackpots available. These can be Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. The chances are you’ll end up in the smaller jackpot ranges as there are more of those sectors. When the Mega Jackpot is won then it’s time to celebrate.

The more you bet on each spin, the more chance you have of triggering the bonus jackpot. Just be careful with this, always work out a budget and ensure you stick to it. It’s so easy to get carried away when the lure of that massive progressive jackpot is dangling in front of you. Mind you, Jonathan Heywood from Cheshire staked just 25p in 2015 and won an amazing £13.2m.

You’ll find that games with massive jackpots will be of the high variance kind. This means you’ll be getting lots of wins but mainly the smaller ones, but hey that big win might come along in the end and it could be the progressive jackpot.

The King of Jackpots

In the ‘King Cashalot’ game, all depends on how many pay-lines you activate. There’s nine in the game and you need five King Cashalot symbols to win the progressive jackpot but it must be on the ninth pay-line. Again, it’s the makers of the game forcing the player to stake as much as possible on each spin of the reels to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.