Glossary Of Popular Online Casino & Gambling Terms

Everyone knows what a ‘bet’ is, and hopefully you’re savvy about your ‘bankroll’, your ‘casino bonuses’, and your ‘free spins’.

But how well do you know the most popular casino terms? Let’s take a look at some of the gambling terms you’ll come across as you continue your casino journey.


3-Card Brag – Casino variant of the popular card game. The aim is to beat the dealer’s three-card Brag hand.
3D Slot
– Animated video slot with cutting edge graphics and bonus features.
3-Reel – Classic online slot with just three reels and few bonus features.
5-Reel – Video slot with five reels. Normally features bonuses like free spins.
6-Reel – Online slot with six reels.
7-Reel – Online slot with seven reels. Reels sometimes split between two sets.
243 Ways – Online slot with 243 paylines.
720-Ways-To-Win – Online slot with 720 paylines.
1024-Ways-to-Win – Online slots with 1,024 paylines.
10-Line – Version of video poker where players can bet on 10 hands at once.
50-Line – Version of video poker where players can bet on 50 hands at once.


Aces and Faces – Version of online video poker that awards special payouts for four of a kind.
Action –
A player’s turn to make a bet.
Ante – An initial bet a player must pay to get the game started.
App – Casino software used on desktop or mobile.
– Function in slots and Keno which lets players programs games to run automatically.
Audit – External, independent test of casino software, payouts, and RNGs (Random Number Generators).
Classic slot (Amusement With Prizes) based on early slot machines from the USA.


Baccarat – Casino game played between the Banker and Player. Bets are made on whose hand will be as close to a total of 9 (where number cards are worth their value, face cards are worth zero, and aces 1).
Balance – Amount of money in the player’s casino account.
Bank –
Cashier; area of casino where players can make deposits and withdrawals.
– A player in Baccarat whose hand can be gambled on.
Bankroll – Cash available for gamblers to bet on.
Bet – Wager that can be made online.
Bingo – Online version of the popular live lotto game. Players must cross off numbers as they are called out by the Caller.
– Casino card game played between the dealer and player. The aim is to get as close to 21 without going bust.
Break-Even – A player evens out his losses after a run of wins.
Bonus Spins – Feature in online slots where the player can trigger free spins. Bonus spins on popular slots can also be awarded by the casino to regular customers.
Bonuses –
Special promotions offered by an online gambling site. Bonuses award free cash or prizes if a wagering requirement is met.
Bust – A player loses his bankroll.
Buy-In – Required cash amount to enter a game.


Card Games – Casino games played with a standard deck, or decks, of playing cards. Includes: Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Hi-Lo, Casino War, and Video Poker.
Cards –
Used in casino games by the player and dealer. A deck contains 52 cards (or more with jokers included) but games like Blackjack can be played with up to 8 decks.  
Caribbean Stud Poker –
Popular casino card game played between the player and the dealer. The aim is to beat the dealer’s five-card poker hand.
Card-Counting –
Method by which blackjack players keep track of the dealt cards from a shoe. Cards are assigned ‘values’ and the ‘hottest’ tables targeted by card-counters trying to hit as many blackjacks as possible.
– Money used for betting; a win.
– Handles payouts and payments at a casino. The online casino Cashier allows you to make deposits and withdrawals.
Cash-Out – A withdrawal from a casino account to a bank account or e-Wallet.
Casino –
Place where gambling games and slots can be played. Online and mobile casinos allow gambling via the internet.
Casino Hold’em –
A variant of Texas Hold’em played between the dealer and player. Each player has their own cards which are used with community cards to form the best poker hand.
Chase –
Attempting to claw back losses after a long downswing. Usually involves larger bets to reverse the downswing.
– Area of the screen where players can chat to a Live Dealer.
Chips – Tokens used to bet in roulette, blackjack or any table game.
Classic Slot – Old-fashioned slot machine with simple graphics and minimal paylines.
Clear Bets –
Remove stakes from a roulette table.
Client –
Casino software (download or instant-play).
– Items of currency used to bet on slots or video poker.
Column Bets – Group of numbers in online roulette. Three columns of numbers are available, each paying 2/1.
Comp Points – Free player points awarded by the online casino.
Conversion Rate – Rate at which casinos exchange player points for real cash.
Craps –
Popular table game where players place bets on the outcome of two dice.
– Play-money used by casino players.
Croupier – Dealer in a game.
Customer Support – Area of casino where players can get help by email, Live Chat, or phone.
Cut/Cut Card – Special card used in Live Casino card games like blackjack and baccarat.


d’Alembert system – Betting system used in roulette.
Deal –
Distribute cards from the shoe.
Dealer –
Croupier in charge of a game.
Debit Card –
Bank card used by players to deposit and withdraw cash at an online casino.
Deposit –
Load a gambling account with cash using a card, bank transfer, or e-Wallet.
Deposit Match – Bonus used by online casinos. The casino will match the player’s deposit if the player meets certain wagering requirements.
– Term of the 2 cards.
Deuces Wild – Version of video poker where 2s act wild and substitute for other cards.
Double Down – Move in blackjack where players can double their bets and receive one more card.
Double Or Nothing – Gamble feature in slots and some video poker versions. It gives players the chance to double their winnings on a Hi/Lo game or risk losing the lot.
Down-card – Dealer’s card that his hidden from other players.
Download – To install casino software and games to a desktop or mobile device. Download clients and software is more reliable than traditional ‘instant-play’ games.
Draw –
Receive a card, usually in video poker after one card has been discarded.


Edge – Statistical advantage the casino has over players.
Encryption – Security measure that protects players’ log-ins, money, and bank details.
En Prison – Insurance bet featured in French Roulette.
European Blackjack
– Classic version of blackjack that pays 1/1 for a winning hand. A Natural Blackjack pays 3/2. Insurance bets can also be found in European Blackjack.
Even – A player is neither in profit nor in the red.
Even-Money – A bet that pays 1/1. For example, if a player bets £10 on an even-money bet in roulette (like Red or Black) and it wins, the player will win £10 PLUS their original £10 stake back.
Expanding Wild – Feature in some video slots. A Wild symbol appears on the reels and expands to fill all spaces on that reel. This substitutes for all regular symbols in the game and can award some big wins.
e-Wallet – Virtual account where multiple cards, bank account details, and e-Wallet accounts can be stored in one place. Money is secure and transactions are totally anonymous at casinos.


Face cards – A picture card, like kings, queens, and jacks.
Fast Play – Setting which speeds the game up and ensures a quicker play rate.
Feature Bonus
– Bonus round that appears in video slots. This can range from free spins to trail bonuses and instant wins.
Flash casino – Online casino that works via the user’s browser window. There is no need for a download of the software.
Flush – Hand in video poker or Texas Hold’em that contains five cards of the same suit.
Free Spins
– Feature bonus in slots where the player is awarded a number of free games. A multiplier is usually attached to all wins.
French Roulette – Version of European Roulette that features a French-language table layout and insurance bets like ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’.


Gamble – To make a bet.
Gamble Feature –
A double-or-nothing betting feature found in many online slots and video poker.
– Variants of slots, roulette, and blackjack etc that are available to casino players.


Hand – Cards dealt to players at the start of games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Casino Hold’em.
Hard 16/Hard 17 – Blackjack hand where the dealer is dealt a hand without an ace. He is not permitted to take another card.
High Roller – A gambler who bets at large stakes.
Hi-Lo – Casino game where players must predict whether the next card drawn is higher or lower than the last.
History –
List of previous roulette spins or blackjack hands that have been dealt.
– The dealer or player takes another card in blackjack.
Hold – Term used in video poker and online fruit machines. Players ‘Hold’ cards they want to keep in video poker, or hold symbols in a fruit machine game.
Hole card
– A card face-down that is dealt to the player or dealer in blackjack or poker.
House – Casino.
House Edge – Advantage the casino has over players. The lower the house edge, the better the long-term odds for players.
House Rules – The set maximum and minimum stakes, and rules on betting.
– Language used to program many modern-day online slots and table games. It is useful for its compatibility with multiple platforms and devices.


Immersive Roulette – Version of Live Dealer Roulette which has a special camera view from the wheel itself.
Impair – French Roulette term. The equivalent of the ‘Odd’ bet in European Roulette.
Inside Bets
– Highest-paying bets in roulette (numbers, pay 35/1)
Instant-Play – No-download software played in a web browser
Insurance – Bet in blackjack that the dealer will be dealt a natural blackjack


Jackpot – Biggest prize available
– Form of video poker where a pair of jacks is the lowest paying hand
Joker – ‘Wild’ card in the deck that substitutes for all cards; used in video poker
Jurisdiction – Area that issues gaming licenses to casinos


Keno – Form of online bingo/lotto that requires picking a set of numbers
Key Bet Roulette – Variant of online roulette that features a special bonus slot


La Partage – Insurance bet featured in French Roulette
– Permit for online casino to operate online
Live Casino/Live Dealer – Form of online casino games featuring a human dealer and real cards/tables
Lobby – Area of online casino with games
Log-in – Details used to access casino lobby and account
Loyalty Points – See Comp Points/Player Points.
Loyalty Programme/Scheme – VIP program which rewards high rollers and regular gamblers


Manque – French Roulette bet. A bet on the numbers 1-18. Pays 1/1.
Manual Flush –
To speed up the process of a withdrawal
Martingale –
Betting system used in roulette or blackjack. Involves doubling your bet if you keep losing
Marvel –
Range of popular branded slots from comic book creators
Match Bonus –
See Deposit Match Bonus.
– Small slots spins and table game wagers starting at 1c.
Mini-Baccarat – Easy and quick version of Punto Banco, played online.
Mini-Roulette – Smaller version of online roulette with only a dozen numbers
Mobile –
Gambling for tablets and smartphones
– Roulette variant featuring up to three balls on one wheel.
Multiplier – Bonus symbol in slots that increases a prize after a winning spin
– Roulette or blackjack variant that allows play across more than one table
Multi-Wheel – Roulette variant featuring up to eight wheels at once


Natural Hand – Being dealt a winning hand in blackjack or baccarat
Neighbour Bets – Roulette bets on adjacent wheel numbers
Leading online e-Wallet for transactions
New Player Bonus
– Welcome bonus at casinos
No-Deposit Bonus
– Casino offer that doesn’t require an initial deposit
No-Download Casino – Casino that doesn’t require installation
Nudge – Feature in fruit machines that allows players to move reels up and down


Odd – Opposite to even wagers in roulette (bets on 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 etc)
– Chances of hitting a prize
On tilt – Allowing steady losses to affect mood
Outside Bets – Columns and Even-money bets in roulette


Pair – Two cards of the same value. In Jacks Or Better video poker, a pair of jacks is the minimum winning hand.
Pair (roulette) –
French Roulette term. A bet on the even numbers. Pays 1/1.
Passe –
French Roulette term. A bet on the numbers 19-36. Pays 1/1.
Payline –
Winning line in online slots. Paylines usually run from left to right on the reels. Winning paylines contain consecutive, matching symbols.
– Leading e-Wallet that allows deposits and withdrawals at an online casino.
Payouts – Prizes awarded by the casino or game.
Paytable – List of payouts, jackpots and features in a video poker game or online slot.
– Participant at an online casino. The ‘Player’ is also one of the players in a game of baccarat.
Player Points – Comp points awarded by casino for real-money play.
Play-Through –
The casino requirement to earn a casino bonus. A play-through is the total amount of wagers or play needed to earn free cash.
Pokies –
Australian term for online or video slots.
Poker –
Game played in the casino between the player and dealer. Each player is dealt five cards and must make the best five-card poker hand. Rankings go as follows:

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pair
One Pair
High Card

Pontoon – A simple form of blackjack played at online casinos.
Pot –
Money amassed from all bets.
Prize Draw –
Casino bonus where players earn raffle tickets for every £5 or £10 they gamble. Random prize draw can award gifts, gadgets and holidays.
Processing Period –
Time between a withdrawal request and a player receiving winnings.
Progressive Jackpot
– Pooled jackpot made up of small portions of slots spins. Progressive jackpots are triggered at random or by hitting special symbols on the reels. Progressive jackpots also feature in some table game and video poker variants.
Promotions – Bonuses and special competitions run by a casino.
Punto Banco –
European form of Baccarat.
– A tied hand in Blackjack.



Queen – One of the royal cards in a deck of cards


Racetrack – Betting layout in roulette that replicates the order of numbers on the wheel.
Random Number Generator (RNG) – Software governing the outcome of cards being dealt (blackjack, baccarat etc) or online slot reels.
Ranking –
Order of poker hands from best to worst.
Rebet –
Button in roulette which lets you repeat the same bets again.
Reels –
Contains online slot symbols which spin and line up to make winners.
Responsible Gambling –
Measures taken by online casinos to protect players who could have gambling problems. Help is given in the form of gambling addiction helplines or allowing self-exclusion.
Return to Player Percentage (RTP) –
The average long-term return to players for each game.
Reverse Withdrawal –
A casino player cancels a withdrawal request.
Roadmaps –
A complex history of previous bets made in Baccarat.
– Popular table game played with a wheel filled with 37 or 38 numbered slots. Bets are made on where a small ball will land on the wheel.
Royal Flush – The best hand in poker. Contains 10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit.


Security Certificate – Evidence that an online casino has trusted encryption to protect player details and funds.
Shoe –
Holds the cards before they are dealt in a game of blackjack or baccarat.
Shuffle –
Cards are rearranged by the computer prior to being dealt out.
Sic Bo –
Dice game popular in Asian casinos but also available online. Bets are made on the outcome of three dice.
Skrill –
Popular online e-Wallet used by many gamblers.
– Gambling machines found in offline and online casinos. Winning bets are paid out on the successful outcome of spinning reels.
Soft 16/Soft 17 – A blackjack hand formed using an ace that counts as 1 or 11.
Squeeze –
A move in baccarat which heightens the tension. The player can slowly turn over a down-card to reveal.
Stacked Symbols –
Special icons in online slots which appear on top of one another on a reel.
Stacked Wilds –
Special Wilds in online slots which appear on top of one another on a reel.
– Bets or wagers.
Stand – Receive no more cards in a hand of blackjack.
Straight – Poker hand (Casino Hold’em, video poker, etc) made up of five consecutive cards of different suits.
Straight Flush – Poker hand made up of five consecutive cards of the same suit (e.g. 3-4-5-6-7 of hearts).
Suits – One of four groups in a deck of cards (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds).
Surrender – A feature found in some blackjack variants where players can get half their bet refunded.


Table Games – Casino games played against a dealer (e.g. roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat).
Terms and Conditions –
Casino bonus stipulations, including play-through and wagering requirements, forfeits, and refund terms.
Tequila Poker
– Form of casino poker found in live and online casinos. Bets can be made on the hand rank or ‘points total’.
Texas Hold’em Poker – Form of poker played in casinos and cardrooms between players. There is no house edge as the game is between players.
Tie – Baccarat bet on the Banker and Player having the same value hand.
Tier – Level of casino bonus.
Transfer – Moving casino funds to or from a sportsbook, casino, bingo or poker account.


Up Card – Card dealt face up in blackjack, baccarat, or Casino Hold’em.
Username – Unique casino log-in used by a player.


Variance – The swings in good and bad luck that casino players experience. Games can either be high or low-variance.
Video Poker – Popular online casino game. Players have to make the best five-card poker hand after a single re-draw of cards.
Virtual Racing/Sports
– Arcade-style betting game found at online casinos. Players place bets on computerised horses/cars/football games etc.
VIP Manager – Dedicated personal manager who looks after loyal casino players
VIP Programme –
Comp scheme for high rollers
– The swings involved in an online slot. Volatile slots pay out rarely but will pay big.


Wagers – Bets.
Wagering Requirements – Betting requirement to trigger a casino bonus. A requirement is normally a multiple of the deposit, or deposit + bonus amount.
Wild Card –
Card in video poker that substitutes for other cards. In Deuces Wild it’s a 2; in Joker Poker it’s the jokers.
– Symbols in online slots that substitute for other regular symbols on the reels.
Withdrawal – Taking money out of a gambling account and moving to a bank account or e-Wallet.