PayPal Online Casinos

Paypaypalpal is one of the UK’s most popular virtual ‘e-Wallets’. It acts as a third-party processor that allows the movement of cash from a user’s bank account to another user or a casino. You can even buy goods from thousands of online stores.

For many gamblers it’s ideal as transactions are anonymous and they can keep multiple cards and accounts registered with one wallet.

Most UK online casinos accept PayPal transactions in 2016. It’s easy to shift real money in a few hours, and the fees can be pretty low as long as you aren’t converting GBP to another currency. PayPal is also accepted when triggering a welcome bonus. Sign up and get started with a top PayPal internet casino.

How Does PayPal Work?

One of the first e-Wallets to emerge on the market, PayPal was launched with internet gamblers in mind. The new generation of online casino and poker players needed a secure and hassle-free way to move cash across the Internet. E-Wallets provide a cushion where money can be moved anonymously from a bank account or credit card straight to a casino account.

There’s no need to share credit or debit card details with a casino when you use PayPal. All you need is a PayPal login to complete a transaction. Set up a wallet, load it up with funds, then move it to your chosen casino simply.

At the casino Cashier, just enter your PayPal log in details and casino account password. You will then be directed to the PayPal site to complete the payment.

Benefits Of Using PayPal For Casino Gaming

– Accepted at the majority of online casinos in the UK
– Quick UK withdrawal times of 24-48 hours
– Safe, secure, and anonymous payments every time
– Use a mobile app to move cash fast

Understanding PayPal Fees And Cash-Outs

You’ll find that most casinos waive all PayPal fees when you use your e-Wallet. However, always be prepared for any fees associated with your bank or card provider. Remember, loading up a casino account isn’t like buying goods. Effectively, you are sending another person some money – and that’s where the fees come in.

To deposit into a PayPal account using a bank transfer, there may be a fee of 0.3-2 percent of the balance. A bank transfer can be a good option, especially if you are shifting a lot of cash at once. If the casino is based in the UK, the transfer cost may be negated.

Debit cards can be higher, around 3.4-7 percent. Similarly, using credit cards will incur a fee of 3.4 percent plus 20p. Again, UK-based online casinos will not carry fees if you are also in the UK.

Withdrawing And Depositing With The Same Account

It’s also worth checking to see if the casino operates Net Deposits. If you have deposited with PayPal, you may ONLY be allowed to withdraw to the same PayPal account. This is simply to avoid money-laundering and is a reliable security procedure.

A good tip before you start is to verify your PayPal account. This can often allow customers to deposit and withdraw bigger amounts, and that’s great news if you’re moving a lot of cash to a casino site.

Find The Best UK Casinos For PayPal

PayPal has always been one of the best options for real-money UK casino players. All your payment methods are kept ‘under one roof’, and there won’t be anything gambling-related appearing on your bank or credit card statement.

Best of all, you can use your PayPal account to access a great welcome bonus when you sign up. Just pick a good site and make an initial deposit using PayPal. In minutes you can be up and running with top progressive slots and table games.

PayPal Casino FAQs

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the oldest online e-Wallet providers, set up with internet gamblers in mind. PayPal can be used to send money across the internet or pay for goods and services.

How Do Transactions Work?

PayPal provides a handy online wallet for customers to keep their money in. With one simple “e-Wallet”, gamblers can load up an account from several cards or other e-Wallet accounts. The money is secure, and transactions won’t be detailed on a user’s bank account or credit card statement.

How Are Casino Deposits Allowed?

Many online casinos in the UK allow PayPal. All that is needed is a PayPal account number and a casino password. The Cashier will also allow PayPal withdrawals.

Are There Any Fees Involved With PayPal?

Yes, although the casinos themselves tend not to charge players to use the service. When loading up a PayPal e-Wallet via a UK debit card or bank account, a small percentage fee will usually be paid.

How Long Do Cash-Outs Take?

Typically, PayPal withdrawals take around 24 hours to appear back in wallets. From there, you are free to cash the money out to a bank account or another e-Wallet.

Is PayPal The Only Deposit Method Available?

No. Several e-wallet providers allow quick and secure payments to be made over the net. If you are making several transactions, you may want to search an alternative low-fee option like a UK debit card.