Deposit Methods

It’s easier than ever to make real-cash deposits at online casinos. Players can simply enter a debit or credit card number in the Cashier and send funds in minutes. Often there won’t be a fee to pay, either. And with secure casinos on the net, you needn’t worry about your money or personal details being hacked.

With the right deposit option you can avoid charges, and the prying eyes of your bank. You can even store multiple payment options in on handy virtual wallet. It’s important to keep track of all money spent gambling, including both wins AND losses – it’s the first step to sensible bankroll management.

Getting Started: Registering a Card

Most casino players get started using their own bank debit card to gamble with. It’s easy to use, it’s widely accepted by gambling sites, and you only spend what you can afford.

Start by registering your card with the Cashier. Once you’ve made a first deposit, you can often do a ‘quick deposit’ by simply entering the 3-digit security code on the back of your card. More details can be found in the links below.

Security is paramount at online casinos. That’s why age verification is used by most licenced sites. When you make a withdrawal, you will need to provide ID in the form of a passport or driving licence. This simply shows you are the right legal age to gamble at the casino.

Popular Casino Deposit Options In 2017

Most of the methods described here are accepted at all major casinos. Check the Cashier first for a list of minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal amounts – all sites vary.

The Cashier will also list any fees associated with the deposit. Many casinos won’t charge to make a deposit, but others will. In some cases, your card provider or bank may charge too. Transaction fees should always be factored in to any bankroll.

Debit Cards

Most major debit cards are accepted by online casinos. VISA’s range of cards (VISA, VISA Debit, VISA Electron, and VISA Delta) can be used to transfer cash directly from your current/checking account. Maestro is a good alternative – if available – as it carries the lowest fees when used with an e-Wallet. Some sites also accept Laser, Solo and Switch. Fees are low, as are the minimum deposit limits. Read more here.

Credit Cards

Major credit cards like MasterCard and VISA are accepted widely. Some accept Diners Club and American Express (AMEX) too.

Like debit cards, deposits are instant, but typically you will only be allowed to withdraw cash to the same credit card you used to deposit with. Some sites won’t action withdrawals to MasterCard.

Watch out for charges. Credit cards typically count deposits as “cash advances” and will apply a 2-3% charge on top of your transaction. Read more here.


An e-Wallet lets you store cash safely and anonymously online from multiple sources. With a single wallet you can hold funds via debit cards, bank transfers, or other e-Wallets. Making a deposit is simple using just a single log-in. Cash-outs are also possible, but fees may apply. Read more here.

Prepaid Vouchers

Prepaid vouchers are great if you don’t have a debit card, or don’t want to share card details on the net. A payment option like paysafecard lets you by a prepaid voucher from a store. You use your voucher number to deposit funds in your gambling account. Read more here.

Bank Transfer

If you prefer the safety of your own bank’s security, you can send funds direct from your online account. A bank transfer takes a few days, and there may be charges involved if the online casino is based overseas. It’s a good alternative for non-cardholders, though. Read more here.

Personal Check/Cheque

Go old-school with a personal, PAPER, cheque. You can usually post a physical cheque to your online casino and the funds will be deposited into your gambling account. Cheque transfers can take a few days or weeks, however, but they are a good option if you don’t have access to a card or internet banking. Read more here.

Reverse Withdrawals & Manual Flushing

You’ve hit that jackpot and won a few hundred bucks – well done! Now you want to cash the money out and move it to another casino.

Withdrawals can take anywhere from 3-5 business days (for most cards) or a month (for cheque withdrawals and some bank transfers). It’s important to factor in the processing time. To perform ID checks, casinos add on a day or two to the total withdrawal period. This also includes time for a ‘reverse withdrawal’, when a player changes their mind about the cash-out.

Some casinos offer a ‘manual flush’. These can be requested by the player and bypasses the whole reverse withdrawal period. It means players can get their hands on their winnings even quicker.

Picking The Safest Casino Sites

You wouldn’t trust a dodgy bank to look after your money, and the same goes for an online casino. When you store cash in your gambling account you need to know it’s safe from hackers. That’s why it’s smart to only sign up with properly licensed casino sites that carry top-level security and encryption.

Most licensed internet casinos will also keep funds segregated from winnings. They must be able to cover all money bet on their site but also allow for players making withdrawals. With a solid, licensed casino online you can be sure that your money won’t disappear, and that payments will be handled accurately and speedily.