How To Avoid Blacklisted Casino Sites Online

With hundreds of online casinos available, players can find every game they want at pretty much every stake. You can play for small stakes or take a shot at the biggest jackpots on the net. At the same time, you can open accounts (as long as you are of legal age) and deposit your own cash.

But are the payments safe, and what happens if your withdrawal requests are slow? And can you be sure if the games are fair, and the bonuses all they’re cracked up to be?

For every dozen reliable casinos there’s a dodgy site with poor licensing and a bad reputation. Of course, players will moan about online casinos from time to time but are their concerns justified?

Getting Started: What Is A Blacklisted Casino?

When we review online casinos we do in-depth checks to make sure the games are fair, the licensing solid, and the security in place. If they have poor reputations on customer care or paying back winnings, we’ll flag it up. In serious cases, casinos can join an “illustrious” blacklist.

So, in what ways do casinos get blacklisted? There’s no single way that a casino to be avoided. But if you find an online casino is guilty of one or more of these, it’s time to look elsewhere:

– Not Honouring Bonus Cash

Most casinos offer some form of bonus to entice new customers. And once you’re there, the casino will keep plying you with offers to keep you gambling.

But players can sometimes be guilty of ‘bonus abuse’. This can include making deposits using multiple accounts (a strict violation of casino terms), irregular gaming (e.g. lots of zero-margin bets) or playing through a bonus quickly and never playing again.

Abuse is frowned upon by all casinos, but in some cases unfounded accusations of abuse have been made by sites. This is simply an effort to get out of honouring a bonus payment. Blacklisted casinos have poor records on not honouring bonuses, even if the player has abided by the terms.

– Slow/Non-Existent Payouts

Casinos accept real-money payments via a wide range of banking options. Depending on where you live, you can often deposit cash and avoid hefty banking fees.

It’s important to think of a casino like a bank. You are effectively entrusting your savings/gambling winnings with the site, so how good is it at holding onto the money? Is it properly secure, and do they honour payouts quickly?

Casinos should have segregated funds so that they can afford to pay out winnings without using player funds. And if you make a sudden withdrawal, the money should be immediately available. Debit/credit card withdrawals should take a few days at most. If the customer support is fobbing you off with excuses about why it’s taking three weeks to process the cash-out, it’s time to move.

– Glitchy Software Where Players Lose Money

Software and games are tested for reliability, but good casinos should have excellent download clients or Flash/HTML5 options if you’re on mobile. Constantly glitchy or crashing software that spoils games mid-spin will earn the casino a place on the blacklist.

– Slow/Non-Existent Responses From Customer Support

Customer Support is meant to do that – support. Casinos offer a range of services to get you help – Live Chat should be 24-hour, in the language of your choice, and helpful. Email support should have quick responses, and the phone support should be free (if possible).

Non-replies by email, or unhelpful/untrained replies to questions will earn the casino a bad reputation. An online casino is only as good as the support it offers its customers.

– No Evidence Of Audits Or Security

Most online casinos let you read their SSL (Secure Socket Layers) security certificates before you sign up. This is evidence of the casino’s security protocols which means players’ details and funds are protected.

Independent audits of software must also be arranged by casinos. Approved testing bodies like eCOGRA will display their certificates on the casino homepage. Here you’ll find lists of tested RTPs (Return to Player percentages) for all games, and the site as a whole. If a site has no evidence of audits, or refuses to show their customers one, how do you know the games are totally safe?

Making A Complaint Against A Casino

Good casinos should have trained customer support in place to deal with any issue. Complaints can be made via this channel (use the freephone option if available, but Live Chat is good too).

If your complaint hasn’t been dealt with, you may be able to refer the issue to the jurisdiction that has issued the license. Some licensing bodies, like the UK Gambling Commission, have in place ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) providers who can deal with typical complaints like incorrect payouts.

Online gambling sites are great fun, and the chance of winning massive prizes is huge. But you are trusting the website with incredibly sensitive information – and more importantly, your own cash. Play safe, trust the top-rated sites only, and avoid the worst offenders. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your gaming much more.