Benefits of Gambling Online

benefits-of-online-casino-gamblingOnline casinos have overtaken their land-based cousins for the go-to places to gamble on roulette, blackjack, and slots.

In 2016, you can fire up the laptop and play a thousand slots and roulette variants at the click of a mouse. You can even gamble on the go on your smartphone or tablet. And the choice these days is bewildering: with no ‘floor-space’ to cram in games, casinos can supply hundreds of games on one site.

When players sign up for an account, they also have the choice of a top welcome bonus to aim for. Those are the kinds of offers you don’t get from land-based casinos.

With online casinos so readily available, let’s look at why they’re so good to play at in 2016.

Thousands Of Games To Choose From

Visit even the biggest casino in the UK and you’ll discover perhaps 200 of the most popular slots plus a few roulette and blackjack tables.

That’s fine if you want European Roulette and a few of the big Novomatic slots. But what you’re missing is all those new 3D slots and big-money progressive slots.

Online, you can discover record-breaking slots like Mega Moolah that can award prizes up to and over £10 million. In addition, you’ll discover interesting variants of roulette like Multi-Ball and Multi-Wheel that give players the chance to win more cash.

A Better Range Of Payments And Limits

Online casinos are great for players as they offer a bigger range of stakes and payment options. In a UK land-based casino, you’ll likely find minimum table stakes of £1. Similarly, coin bets on slot machines may start at 50p.

You won’t find such high stakes online. Typically, players can spin slots online from 1p per coin, while blackjack and roulette can be played from as little as 25p per game.  You can even try games out for free first.

Similarly, in a land-based casino you will be able to buy into games with cash only. You may find an ATM with a fee for withdrawing your own cash. That’s fine, but what if you don’t want to bring cash with you? Online, it’s possible to fund your account with a range of banking methods: use your debit card, a major credit card like VISA and MasterCard, or an e-Wallet like PayPal.

Play On The Go On Mobile

Why travel miles to your nearest casino when you can just play on your laptop at home? Online casinos give players the opportunity to gamble any time, and they don’t have to leave their front room.

Mobile gambling is now possible with downloadable apps and instant-play games. With a swipe of the finger you can gamble on slots and table games when you’re out and about. As long as you have a good Wi-Fi or 4G signal you can tap into the best mobile casino sites around.

Better RTPs And Payouts

Online casinos also let you shop around for the best games for odds and house edges. If you know your local casino only has games with a house of around 3%, you can go online and find a site that has a much lower overall edge.

Each game has an RTP, or Return to Player percentage. This is the average, long-term payout to players for each game. Many slots online have RTPs (completely and independently tested) of around 94-98%. In land-based casinos, those same slots might have lower RTPs around the 89-90 percent mark due to the way they are designed.

Great VIP Promotions & Bonuses

Most land-based casinos have some kind of promotion going on. You might earn a free meal or drink on selected weekends when you gamble. Perhaps there is a VIP card available where you earn player points for playing slots and buying food. VIP points can then be converted into cold, hard cash.

Online VIP schemes exist at most casino websites, and on the whole they are much better than land-based ones. Even casual players can join a VIP scheme online – all it takes is a first deposit. Once you start playing real-money games you will earn player points. The more points you earn, the higher up the VIP scheme you go. Benefits can include better reload bonuses, free spins on new slots, and invitations to live parties and events. You might even get access to a dedicated VIP manager.

On a more basic level, online casinos can offer ‘welcome bonuses’ which reward new players. By making a first deposit you can have the deposit “matched” 100% by the online casino, just by playing slots and table games.

Welcome bonuses vary wildly in size and quality, but that’s the beauty of online casinos: there is so much choice out there, canny players can shop around. Start your shopping trip now and claim the best bonuses on the net.