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Australia-based Aristocrat have actually been in and around the gaming scene since 1953, making them one of the longer running companies to still exist to this day. Of course, at that time, online gaming wasn’t even a thing, meaning that the company began its business by providing land-based slot games, with its first one being launched in the aforementioned year. It wouldn’t be until 2011 that the developer decided to make the move from providing games for physical casinos into the world of online casino gaming, making the move to such an area fairly recently when compared with other providers. It would be at this time that they would partner up with NextGen Gaming, and branch out into software design and online services. Because of its relatively recent jump into this area, the selection of games on offer from Aristocrat are fairly limited, although entertaining nonetheless.

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What Makes Aristocrat Special?

The vast amount of experience that Aristocrat brings to the table is more than enough to make up for the minimal selection of games on offer online at the moment. Having been in the gaming industry for over 70 years, there has to be something that they’re doing right. Alongside their longevity, the developer has also found itself being listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as of 1996.

They may have also had their hand in various different areas of casino games, but their main focus has undoubtedly been the popular video slot section. Many of the company’s most well-known slots are those that are based on their famous land-based offerings, such as the revered ‘Queen of the Nile’. Taking the original game and bolstering it, the company produced the sequel for its online market in ‘Queen of the Nile II’, which features advanced graphics and extra special features in comparison. In that instance, it’s quite clear that not only the games from Aristocrat, but the company itself is able to adapt to new areas of gaming with little to no problems. For the moment, it may be true that there’s only a little over 15 slot games available from this developer online, but you can guarantee that there’ll be plenty more to come.

Three Reasons to Play at Aristocrat Casinos

It may seem a little disheartening when you learn that a company which has been around for more than half a century is only just making ripples in the ocean of the online gaming industry, and of course, its small selection of slot games aren’t particularly helping its situation as of now. However, all companies have to start somewhere, and if Aristocrat can build up a big enough name for itself in the land-based casino world, there’s no reason that it can’t do the same within the online gaming world as well. That being the case, here are three reasons to play at casinos offering Aristocrat games:

  • It may seem like banging on the same drum, but there’s little that can match up to the longevity of a games company. The developer is no exception to this rule, bringing over 60 years of experience to the market and employing over 2,200 staff globally. And while it may not seem like the developer is anywhere close to many others in the industry, their purpose is simply to create the world’s greatest gaming experience, be that online or offline. As well as holding office in Australia, the company has stretched out across the world to include locations in Argentina, Peru, the USA, and the United Kingdom, to name but a few. With such a reach, it won’t be long before Aristocrat are making huge waves in the business.
  • Something that Aristocrat do exceptionally well when it comes to their games is progressive jackpots. There are several of these on offer at a plentiful selection of online casinos, where players are able to place wagers for chances of winning life-changing sums of money. Most of these are incorporated into their online slot games, which offer between three and 50 pay lines.
  • The adaptability of this developer and the games that it provides is something ultimately wonderful. Many players who have participated in the land-based machines that feature games from this provider will enjoy seeing how they have been adapted and updated to fit in with today’s modern browser-based online casinos. Options like the aforementioned ‘Queen of the Nile II’ and others like ‘Dolphin Treasure’ have attracted many players over the years of them being offered in brick and mortar establishments, so no doubt have a similar effect on the online market as well.

Aristocrat in Summary

There aren’t many companies out there who can boast a half century and upwards birthday, making Aristocrat a company that sits in a very niche group with only one or two others. Yes, it may be lacking in the amount of online games that it currently provides to players, but it has branched out into mobile gaming as well as browser-based, meaning that all the right strides are being put into motion. Managing to extend its reach across the oceans from Australia to being a global phenomenon, however minimal the fuss may have been during the process, is nothing short of amazing. And it would seem that the company has no interest in slowing down, meaning that games will continue flowing from this seemingly ever-lasting developer.